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nk1He had started Graphology as a hobby, and now practising as a Professional Graphologer. He graduated from Mumbai University in Commerce, and curently pursuing Master's Study in Philosophy (Yoga). He had done many projects for financial institutes, like Banks and Wealth Managers.

He has combined the knowledge of Graphology, Yoga and Chakras for health management.


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What is Graphology

Graphology is an ancient art (4000 years old) of analyzing handwritings. Graphology is the study and analysis of replica rolex handwriting, which mirrors the writer symbolically. One of the main keys to interpreting handwriting is the fact that we always write differently from the model taught to us at school. How we form and combine characters and position them on the page creates a unique writing pattern. From the replica omega graphologist's viewpoint, written script is made up of more than twenty indices, such as degree of slant, size, rhythm and spacing between letters, words and lines. All these symbolise different yet replica rolex interrelated aspects of ourselves. Our physical, emotional and mental characteristics are thus represented. Our handwriting is, in fact, a unique "" of our current state of mind / body / feelings - the complete person - as symbolised in the three Zones of script.

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What is Grapho-Therapy?

Once your weaknesses are discovered to achieve success. The action you take to change your writing is called Graphotherapy.

Graphotherapy identifies stumbling blocks that can be easily and painlessly eliminated by making simple changes to one's handwriting. Graphotherapy is the practice of changing your to eliminate letter formations and that indicate recurring, self-sabotaging attitudes / behaviors and then substituting these writing styles with formations that are still true to the inner self but are more finely developed. 

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